Mobile Medicaid Dentist

If you are looking for a Medicaid Dentist in Mobile that can make your family feel at home, choose Vital Smiles. We are a proud provider of Medicaid dental benefits as well as other payment options. Our dental office features experienced dentists who use the latest technology and technique in modern dentistry. We treat both children and adults in the comfortable environment they need and with the gentle, personalized care they deserve. As a trusted Medicaid provider, we can offer your family all of the services you need for a healthy and beautiful smile, including preventative care, restorative procedures and orthodontics.

Our Vital Smiles locations were designed with the mission to give every child access to quality dental care. In doing so, we have accepted Medicaid patients from the very beginning. If you have a child enrolled in Medicaid, we are confident that we can provide the standard of care you need in Mobile. As skilled pediatric dentists, we understand the importance of creating a fun and rewarding experience for young patients.

Affordable Dental Care

At Vital Smiles, you don’t have to sacrifice your savings to receive the top quality dental care your family deserves. In fact, our Mobile office goes above and beyond to accommodate the financial needs of our patients. Not only do we accept most insurance plans and Medicaid, but we also offer flexible payment plans through Care Credit. If you have an extended or multi-visit treatment, you may choose to take advantage of our convenient pay-as-you-go plan. We don’t let your budget constraints stand in the way of achieving a confident smile!

With the Medicaid dental services we provide at Vital Smiles, tooth decay can be prevented or treated early so it doesn’t progress to more serious complications in the future. We are dedicated to the long-term health and function of your smile, and we offer a full menu of dental services dedicated to addressing your oral health needs at every stage of life. We also offer emergency dental care for patients who need same day treatments.

To learn more about how to maximize your benefits or how to choose us as your Medicaid dentist, please contact us today. Vital Smiles is where you will find affordable dental care in Mobile.

We Accept  
  •  Medicaid
  •  ALL Kids
  •  Most Insurance
  •  Cash
  •  Credit Cards
  •  CareCredit