Treatments And Filling Materials For Children

VS_314_8x12_ColorMore common in young children that any other chronic illness, tooth decay continues to be on the rise. In fact, it’s estimated that nearly 4 million preschoolers have some form of tooth decay. Fortunately, advancements in pediatric dentistry have provided many options for parents when it comes to cavity prevention and choosing the right filling material when cavities develop. To learn more about treatment options and filling materials for your child, read below.

At the first sign of a cavity, pediatric dentists appreciate the protection of Preventative Resins. Also known as Dental Sealants, these are nearly invisible and provide ongoing protection against decay. Best for tiny cavities, preventative resins can be placed on children’s teeth even when cavities are not present, serving as an “added measure” against tooth decay.

When cavities are small to medium-sized, amalgam fillings remain a popular choice. Amalgam fillings are silver fillings, and are easy to place and highly durable. Used predominantly on back teeth, patients appreciate the predictability and lower cost of this tried and true filling material.

As an aesthetically pleasing option used to treat smaller cavities, tooth-colored composite fillings are an appealing option available for children. When used in the proper place in the mouth (low stress areas), composite fillings prove to be long lasting and durable. Yet, when compared to silver amalgam fillings, they are slightly less predictable and are also a higher cost. Even so, they remain a popular choice.

When decay is severe, extensive tooth damage is present, or if there is a developmental defect, a crown is often the best treatment for restoring your child’s tooth and protecting it from future decay. Crowns may be stainless steel or natural (tooth colored). As with amalgam and composite fillings, differences in aesthetics and pricing must be considered.

With exceptional care and a variety of specialty treatments suited for children, parents can trust the dental professionals at Vital Smiles. Our practice is built around providing quality and affordable dentistry to children of all backgrounds. Our practice welcomes your call today!

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