Tooth Extraction And Your Child

main-logo-finalSuppose the dentist tells you that your child’s tooth needs to be removed. As a parent, any procedure performed on your child may make you nervous. Yet, when it comes to tooth extraction and your child, there’s no reason to worry. There are important reasons at the root of tooth extractions.

While extreme tooth decay is an obvious reason for tooth extraction, there are other cases where it is recommended. For instance, if a tooth is severely fractured or chipped beyond repair, it’s often best to remove it. Excessive crowding is another reason. Children under orthodontic care that are preparing to get braces may need to have some teeth removed as well. This is to allow ample room for teeth to shift during treatment. Thus, your child’s case and reason for tooth extraction will determine the steps required before and after treatment.

Parents—the success of your child’s tooth extraction will depend, in large part, on you. It’s important to become familiar with your child’s specific procedure so that you can help ease their mind about what’s to come. In turn, you will find that you are more equipped to care for your child.

After Tooth Extraction: Trusted Tips

Immediately after your child’s tooth extraction, there will be some bleeding. Rest assured—this is normal. The dentist will most likely ask you child to bite down on gauze until the bleeding stops and the area clots. Here are some tips you can trust:

  • To soothe soreness, give you child an over-the-counter medication for pain.
  • Keep an ice pack on hand. Place it on swollen areas for 20 minutes to help reduce inflammation.
  • Only feed your child soft foods for the first 24 hours.
  • Do not allow your child to drink from a straw (this could cause bleeding to start again).
    Instruct your child not to brush the area where the tooth was removed until it is fully healed.

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