Partial Dentures And My Child

vital_smiles_children_thWhile the use of Partial Dentures is commonly associated with adults or elderly dental patients, there are instances where children are required to wear partial dentures. As a temporary measure with simpler designs, dental professionals find that partial dentures aid in replacing missing teeth until permanent teeth begin to erupt. Thus, for children that lose teeth prematurely or have extensive decay leading to tooth extraction, a partial denture is a great solution to preserve space and prevent surrounding teeth from shifting.
To better understand, consider the following reasons for tooth loss in children:

  • High Incidence of Trauma: Generally, children are more susceptible to accidents as they learn how to walk, run, and play in their environment. As a result, 11-30% of preschool children suffer trauma to their milk teeth. These teeth are easier to be knocked out, because of the relationship between the crown of the tooth and the root. In turn, nearly 22% of children suffer trauma to their permanent teeth. Typically, the upper teeth are more likely to succumb to damage.
  •  Cavities: When children are not taught to clean their teeth properly, or if they do not have access to dental care, the result is teeth that are weak and badly decayed. Pediatric dentists notice a common condition in children that suck milk from a bottle overnight. Milk breaks down into sucrose (sugar), and teeth begin to break down.

As a rule, dentists will only opt to extract teeth when they are highly decayed, if the child is in pain, or if infection may spread. Thus, when teeth are removed, the space must be occupied to avoid orthodontic problems. This is when partial dentures are given. Aside from filling the space, partial dentures help children to eat and drink normally. They also provide an aesthetic appeal, which is important if a front tooth is missing.

Every Child Deserves Quality Dental Care
At Vital Smiles, we believe that every child in our community deserves quality dental care that is convenient and affordable. That’s why we’ve designed our offices with children in mind. With a full range of services including examinations and cleanings, sealants, dental x-rays, and an array of restorative services, you can feel confident about the level of care your child will receive with us. We welcome your call today.

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