Cellphone recycling in Birmingham, AL

Vital Smiles is helping the Zonta Club of Birmingham and Verizon’s Hopeline Campaign by using its locations as dropsites for collecting no-longer used cell phones. The phones will be refurbished and made available to victims of domestic violence for use in... Read More

Periodontal (Gum) Disease: Risk Factors and Treatment

If you’ve been told that you have Periodontal (Gum) Disease, you’re in the company of many adults in the U.S. Ranging from mild gum inflammation to serious gum infection and loss of teeth, Periodontal Disease should be taken seriously. Perhaps classifying gum disease... Read More

Tooth Extraction And Your Child

Suppose the dentist tells you that your child’s tooth needs to be removed. As a parent, any procedure performed on your child may make you nervous. Yet, when it comes to tooth extraction and your child, there’s no reason to worry. There are important reasons at the... Read More

Dental Sealants: Prevention Power!

Used in conjunction with brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups, the value of Dental Sealants has increased over the past few decades. As a barrier to tooth decay, sealants are applied to the grooves of teeth, specifically premolars and molars, where... Read More

Treatments And Filling Materials For Children

More common in young children that any other chronic illness, tooth decay continues to be on the rise. In fact, it’s estimated that nearly 4 million preschoolers have some form of tooth decay. Fortunately, advancements in pediatric dentistry have provided many options... Read More

Pulp Therapy: Saving Your Child’s Tooth

Comprised of nerves, tissues, and blood vessels, the pulp of a tooth is not visible to the naked eye. Yet, there are several ways it may become diseased or damaged. With tooth decay and trauma being the primary ways that the pulp is damaged in children, pediatric... Read More

Orthodontics And My Child: When To Begin

When it comes to Orthodontics, every parent wants to know—when it is time to begin? While the key to determining if and when your child may need orthodontic treatment is through regular dental care, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children... Read More

Partial Dentures And My Child

While the use of Partial Dentures is commonly associated with adults or elderly dental patients, there are instances where children are required to wear partial dentures. As a temporary measure with simpler designs, dental professionals find that partial dentures aid... Read More

Misuse of Sippy Cups

While advancements in pediatric dentistry have equipped dental professionals and parents alike with more information and better tools for helping children maintain good oral health, there is a small percentage of the adolescent population that has reported an increase... Read More
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