Root Canals

Once, a tooth with a diseased nerve would usually have to be taken out. However, thanks to the root canal procedure, in most cases, especially those caught early, all or part of the problem tooth can now be saved.

Here’s a brief explanation. Inside each tooth is something called pulp, and its purpose is to carry the nutrients and the nerves the tooth depends on to remain healthy. However, when the pulp becomes diseased or injured it dies. And unless you remove it, the tooth can get infected and it can die, too. This is when we recommend a root canal, which means we’ll remove the pulp and then clean out and seal the canal to protect the tooth material that remains. Once this is done, we’ll either put a filling in the space, or if too much of the tooth is unusable, we’ll recommend a crown.

At Vital Smiles, a root canal is generally a simple, routine procedure, there’s relatively little discomfort for the child, and one to three visits are usually required.

And since this is a multiple visit procedure, you’re eligible for our pay as you go payment option, letting you make equal payments at each visit. And of course, you can also take advantage of your child’s Medicaid or ALL Kids benefits.

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