Center Point Emergency Dentist

While a sudden toothache can bring significant disruption to your day, a mouth-related injury is often a frightening experience, especially when your child is involved. At Vital Smiles, our Center Point office location is equipped to handle your dental emergencies with prompt and professional treatment. Our practice delivers a full menu of advanced dental services with the gentle, patient-centered approach you deserve. Whether you have suffered trauma to your teeth or gums or you have lost a filling or crown, you can depend on Vital Smiles as your trusted emergency dentist in Center Point. We have a team of qualified dental professionals who use the latest in dental technology. This ensures that the function and aesthetics of your smile are restored quickly and comfortably.

Same Day Dentistry

There are certain dental concerns that warrant same day treatment. Pain or severe sensitivity from a damaged tooth or dental abscess needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. At Vital Smiles in Center Point, we reserve appointment slots for Same Day Dentistry patients during regular business hours. If possible, we recommend patients call ahead so that we set aside an appropriate amount of time to address you or your child’s specific concerns.

Providing same day care is just one way that we establish trusted relationships with our patients. Our Center Point dentists want you to know that we provide the same standard of care during your emergency treatments as we do during your routine procedures. We understand that dental emergencies are typically not predicted. Therefore, to make your experience with us as stress-free as possible, we proudly accept a variety of payment types, including most insurance plans, Medicaid and CareCredit for extended payment plans.

If you need urgent dental care near Center Point, contact Vital Smiles today. We may be able to alleviate your dental pain and restore your smile today.

We Accept  
  •  Medicaid
  •  ALL Kids
  •  Most Insurance
  •  Cash
  •  Credit Cards
  •  CareCredit