Dental X-Rays

Dental X-rays are a valuable way for us to evaluate your child’s basic oral health. And by taking them during your visit, we can see right away what is happening under the surface of their teeth and gums.

Whether we take them on a particular visit will depend on your child’s general oral health, their age and anything we may see or you might report during their visit. Children can require X-rays more frequently than adults because their jaws and teeth are usually still developing and they are more likely to be affected by tooth decay than adults are. If your child is a new patient, we may recommend X-rays to see how they’re doing now, and to help us identify changes that may turn up in the future.

X-rays can help us find problems that otherwise cannot be detected in a visual clinical exam. Finding problems and treating them early can help prevent the discomfort of a dental emergency and save parents both time and money.

Dental X-rays, like most of our services, are covered by Medicaid, All Kids and most dental insurance.

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We Accept  
  •  Medicaid
  •  ALL Kids
  •  Most Insurance
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