Tooth Extractions and Your Child

Mobile AL Children's Dental CareWhen parents are told that their child’s tooth needs to be removed, they may feel frightened or unsettled, especially if they do not know what to expect. Yet, pediatric dental professionals are in a unique position to answer questions and provide comfort to parents and children alike, as they prepare for tooth extraction. Here is the truth about tooth extractions and your child.

In most cases, a tooth extraction is suggested when root canal therapy is not enough to save a severely damaged or decayed tooth. Yet, there are a few other reasons for tooth extractions. First, pediatric dentists may extract a tooth that is badly fractured or if the tooth is crowding other teeth. In turn, for children beginning orthodontic treatment, some teeth may need to be removed to allow for proper positioning and movement of teeth. The reason for the child’s tooth extraction and the type of extraction being performed will determine the dentist’s approach to treatment.

When the tooth being removed is easy to see and easy to access, a simple extraction using a local anesthetic and forceps is performed. However, in the case of an impacted tooth, a portion of the surrounding gum tissue will need to be removed first. This calls for a different level of sedation, often through an IV. The key to success with a complex tooth extraction is having a healthy conversation and discussion with your dentist and child, to reduce any uncertainty about the procedure.

No matter what type of tooth extraction your child receives, after-care is important. Parents should know that bleeding after an extraction is normal, and the dentist will most likely ask the child to bite on gauze until the bleeding stops. To keep your child comfortable as he or she heals, an over the counter medication or prescription is given for pain and discomfort. In addition, applying an ice pack to the side of the face where the extraction took place will combat inflammation and soreness. While soft foods and ice cream are recommended during the first 24 hours following an extraction, children are encouraged to carefully continue their normal dental care regimen.

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