Does Your Child Have Sensitive Teeth?

Does your child have sensitive teeth? Perhaps he/she has complained of sharp, tingling pain during brushing or chewing food. Given that the majority of individuals that experience tooth sensitivity are between the ages of 25-30 (Cleveland Clinic), many parents are surprised when their adolescent or preteen mentions having sensitive teeth. Even so, if your child has sensitive teeth, it is very important to determine if the issue is with your child or with the teeth themselves.

A qualified dentist can help.

To better understand tooth sensitivity, consider the underlying layer of a tooth’s enamel. Known as the dentin, exposure of this layer is the number one reason why individuals experience sensitivity in their teeth. Next, consider a child that brushes too hard. Over time, this causes the enamel of teeth to break down, exposing the dentin. At the same time, heavy brushing causes gum tissues to recede or wear away. When this happens, the tooth’s structure closest to the root is exposed, and causes sensitivity near the gum line. The body’s natural response is to cause gum tissues to swell and become red. Without treatment, this can turn into periodontal (gum) disease.

As a common concern with children, cracked or broken teeth may also result in tooth sensitivity. In some cases, this might be a result of grinding or clenching their teeth. Two factors are at play here—first, the grinding of teeth can wear away tooth enamel. Second, clenching the teeth may apply enough pressure to produce hairline fractures and cracks. In either case, the underlying layer of teeth is exposed.

Understanding your child’s brushing habits, as well as any tendencies to grind or clench their teeth will certainly provide some insight into why their teeth are sensitive. Even so, you might not know what to do to help. That’s why regular dental checkups are important.

Careful And Conscientious Dental Care

At Vital Smiles, we’ve dedicated our practice to helping kids of all ages and backgrounds receive the quality dental care that they deserve. When children have sensitive teeth, we provide careful and conscientious dental care that will help them feel at ease. Meanwhile, we come alongside parents and guardians to equip them every step of the way.

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