Does Your Child Have Bad Breath?


Chances are, if you’re a parent, you may have noticed that your child’s breath is less than pleasant from time to time. While it’s one thing for children to have bad breath first thing in the morning or after eating certain foods, there are instances where an underlying condition, infection, or bacteria could be to blame. Thus, if your child’s bad breath is an ongoing concern, it’s wise to schedule a visit with the dentist.

What Contributes To Bad Breath?
Depending on the age of your child and his/her ability to perform good oral care, there are a number of factors that contribute to bad breath. Consider the following:
Improper Oral Hygiene: Though many assume that improper hygiene is due to inconsistencies in brushing, it is often due to improper flossing or failing to clean the tongue. While the surfaces of teeth may be clean, plaque and bacteria that build up between teeth can cause inflammation of the gum tissues. As a result, infection begins and causes an odor. In the same way, when the tongue is not clean, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria to grow and begin to smell.
Mouth Breathing: When children breathe through their mouths during sleep, causing dryness, the lack of saliva prevents bacteria from being washed away. Most bacteria will collect on the tongue in this case, resulting in bad breath.
An Object: Occurring mostly in babies and toddlers, small objects such as a tiny toy, bead, coin, or even food particle can become wedged in the nosed and result in bad breath.
Infections In The Mouth: Infections in the form of cavities, plaque buildup and inflammation, mouth sores, or as a result of surgery can cause bad breath.
Medication: When children are taking antibiotics to treat illness, chemicals from the medication break down in the body and might cause bad breath.
If your child has bad breath, it’s important to understand that in the majority of cases, implementing a better oral health routine is all that’s needed to freshen their breath. Yet, it’s important to keep regular dental visits in the event that an issue needs to be treated professionally.
All Children Deserve Quality Dental Care
At Vital Smiles, we have built our practice around promoting good oral health for children. We also believe that kids of all ages and backgrounds should have access to quality dental care. This is because we understand the connection between oral and overall health, and we want your child to have the best chance at living a long, healthy life. Do you have concerns about your child’s bad breath? Call Vital Smiles today.

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